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A method of online advertising, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has proven itself to be a tried and tested method for getting traffic on the internet.

As London (Croydon, Surrey) PPC company, My Pulse Ads & Media Marketing can help you to get the most out of this effective method of online marketing.

Our specialists are going to work with you in developing a PPC strategy that will match your company’s voice and also draw the audience to visit your site.

With our years of experience in digital marketing, we have years worth of insight as to how to make a PPC campaign more interesting to its target audience and effective to the business owner.

















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Pay-Per-Click is a one of online advertising where marketers and business owners only pay search engines like Google, bing, yahoo and microsoft for the times that users click on their ads (which redirect potential customers to your landing page or main website).

As a form of digital marketing, PPC has its advantages. First of all, PPC often provides high-quality clicks because PPC ads appear when someone actively searches for something related to your offer, making it relevant to them. A user clicking on an ad means that person is interested in the service or product being offered in the advertisement. That means there is a good chance that the visit will be converted into a sale, which is the ultimate goal of online marketing. That makes PPC ads cost-effective for you as the business owner. For example, if you spend £5 for each click that you get, but a conversion means £300 in sales, the cost of the ad is really more than worth it.




How can we do that? We know how to craft ads that catch the attention of your audience, so they can see your offer as the solution that they are looking for. With our extensive portfolio of effective ads, we are confident that we can create a successful PPC campaign for you too.

We understand that as a growing business, your budget for marketing may be limited. With PPC, you can control the cost of your marketing. Our specialists can help you make sure that your PPC budget is spent on keywords that make sense and are profitable for your business.

Targeting is another major advantage offered by PPC marketing. It offers you precise control as to where your ads will appear. This ability to choose when and where your ads are going to appear ensures that the ads are seen by the right audience in the right places. One of our PPC specialists can help decide which route and targeting options are best suited for your business!

Another major advantage offered by PPC marketing is that it offers fast results. Unlike other forms of marketing, you can see an increase in traffic almost instantly via PPC marketing. Remember, your ads will appear on the first page of search results, at the top of the list where users will see them right away.


Additionally, our specialists know how to tweak the small but important details within your ads so that they’re set up for optimal results. For example, if your target audience is more likely to be using mobile devices, our specialists are going to use mobile preferences for the ads.

You may be thinking, “That sounds like a lot of work! How long does this all take?” 

We also take advantage of the fact that PCC ads can be changed and tested. We always test multiple creatives to find the ad with the most effect and impact on the audience you’re targeting. The goal here is to determine the best performing ad at the lowest cost.

While we will never rush a campaign and we prefer to prepare items carefully, we can set up your PPC campaign quickly should the need arise. We first try to thoroughly understand our clients and research their business and their target audience prior to creating ads, but once your advertising campaign has been set up, you’ll see that PPC ads work rather quickly. 

By getting the services of London PPC company like My Pulse Ads & Media Marketing, you can save a great deal of time and money. At the same time, you will benefit from a campaign that is executed perfectly.




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There are different types of PPC ads. Google Search ads are the ads that appear on the first Search Engine Results Page. These ads will appear first before the organic results. Of course, appearing on the first SERP is not a guarantee that people will click on your ad. If the ad is well-designed and offers real solutions to the problem of the people searching, there is a good chance that searchers will click on your ad. The ads must meet the needs of the consumers first for them to be interested. They have to be worded in a specific way that resonates and attracts users to click. That’s where we come in. Our team of PPC experts know the ins and outs of Google Search Ads.

The more times that people see your ad, the higher the chance that they are going to click on it. That is the powerful idea behind remarketing ads. These ads are shown to those who visited your site but did not make a purchase or become your client (and therefore they need to be retargeted until they do!). Because these ads are targeting people who are already familiar with what you offer, the copy, design and the CTAs should be different and address where these people are in your sales funnel. These ads follow your website visitors across the web so that they start seeing your brand everywhere.

If you have an eCommerce business, then you can really benefit from using Google Shopping Ads. These ads are used on search page results for keywords that are connected with ecommerce products. Once a user clicks on this type of ad, they are going to be redirected to your store. Our team is made up of specialists who are experienced in creating shopping ads for your ecommerce business. We design these ads in a way that emphasizes the product images and features.


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